Specialties: Mold, Pest, Termite, Septic, Asbestos

Blue House Home Inspections is a certified home inspection company that will look for signs of mold, pests, termites, and any major issues with the home’s septic.  Through our certification and ongoing education, we are trained to look for these things.

Many homes do not show any signs of these things, meaning a specialty inspection is not necessary. We value honesty and don’t recommend home buyers book these specialty inspections until we evaluate the home and only if we find signs of mold, pests, termites, or any issues with the septic.

What happens if there are signs of mold, pest, termites, or issues with septic?

Blue House Home Inspections is connected with local businesses who specialize in these areas. If we find signs of any of mold, pests, termites, or major issues with the septic, we will recommend that you have a specialist come out to take a closer look. We can provide you with a list of recommended specialty businesses.


Blue House Home Inspections can test your home for asbestos tape. This typically takes 48-72 hours.